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We have been leaders in providing virtual account numbers for Password Verification (PVA) from all over the world for more than 6 years.

With our service, you can create an account for any service and application. If you have not received an SMS, we will refund your money automatically.
Get discounts from services or use thousands of accounts to earn money.

To do this, you just need to perform three steps:

Select the desired country and service.

Copy the virtual number and use it to register an account.

Wait for the OTP confirmation SMS.

If you didn’t succeed the first time, you can try again or study our FAQ .

Choose a convenient option for using a virtual number to get a password verification account( PVA):

Activations - the time of use of a disposable number is limited to 20 minutes.

Rent - You can receive an unlimited number of messages for a period of 4 hours to 4 weeks.

Developers can use our convenient API to integrate our service into their software and receive password verification messages completely automatically and without restrictions.

We have the largest number of payment systems: Visa, Maestro, Master Card, UnionPay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, AliPay, Kakao Pay, AirTM, Fawry and many others, working in automatic mode.

Detailed statistics of all your assets for all countries and services.
More than 100,000 online numbers every day from all over the world.
Loyalty program for those who are ready to make regular purchases.
Quick and automatic passwords for virtual numbers.
You pay only for SMS or we will refund your balance.
Minimum commission from all the most popular payment systems in automatic mode.


"Enter the registration number" — this is what applications, services and online stores ask us to do. It is often uncomfortable to leave your real number for various reasons. There are situations when it is advantageous for a user to create a new account for the sake of welcome bonuses and discounts. And there are also many schemes where you can earn money with the help of additional accounts.
The SMS-Activate service makes it possible to receive an SMS or pass verification by calling a number that is in no way connected with you, your location or passport data. No need to buy a SIM card - use a one-time number and get a confirmation code on the SMS-Activate website.
This is a temporary phone number that functions without a SIM card and is not linked to a specific device. Communication is carried out via the Internet using certain software. Usually such numbers only accept SMS for registration, but the SMS-Activate service also supports verification by call and voice bot.
Buying a one-time number, like other digital goods, often seems like a dubious gamble. In order for you to try our services without risk, we provide free numbers. They are published on this page as they appear. There you can also receive SMS for confirmation, for this you do not even need to register in our service.
Attention! We do not recommend using toll-free numbers to register important accounts. For such purposes, it is better to buy a reliable number.
Why may I need to register for the "side" number? Here are some examples from our customers:
  • Register a new account in social networks or messengers without using an additional SIM card.
  • Create accounts en masse, combine them into a network, sell them on the stock exchange or use them for personal purposes.
  • Make a commercial newsletter, promote products or services without using a personal account.
  • Receive bonuses, promo codes and discounts for registering in marketplaces and other services.
  • Circumvent geographical restrictions when registering using numbers from different countries.
  • Maintain anonymity in social networks, messengers, forums.
Read about ways to make money with a virtual number in our blog. Whatever goals you want to achieve, SMS-Activate service will be the best solution for wholesale or retail purchase of numbers.
SMS-Activate service appeared on the market 7 years ago. Back then, virtual SIM card technology was less available, especially for private use. We have brought together number providers from all over the world and developed software for comfortable and reliable use.
Today, anyone can buy a registration number. We are chosen for commercial and professional activities on the web, we help individuals to remain anonymous when necessary.
Advantages of SMS-Activate:
  • Favorable prices;
  • Accelerated SMS reception: servers process requests as quickly as possible;
  • The most reliable numbers on the market — we regularly check them for validity;
  • Wide geography — over 170 countries to choose from;
  • Loyalty program for regular customers;
  • Free virtual numbers for receiving SMS without registration on the website;
  • Telegram bot for quick authorization and purchase of numbers;
  • Responsive technical support.
Learn more and try new features with SMS-Activate.
This is one of the services for the extended use of a virtual number. That's the difference between renting and activating:
Activation: suitable for quickly receiving SMS to confirm registration. The fake number will be active for up to 20 minutes
Rent: the number will be active from 4 hours to 4 weeks, the available usage time depends on the operator. In some cases, the number rental can be extended. Choose this service if you plan to receive a lot of SMS for a long time (for example, to sell goods on Avito).
This is the most profitable option for one-time or mass account registration. To receive SMS online, you do not need to rent a number for a day or more, 20 minutes is enough. And if the SMS has not arrived during this time, the money will automatically return to your balance in your personal account.
Facebook numbers correspond to certain services (Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, etc.) and are regularly updated. Some of them include the service forwarding voice calls. Choose the right service depending on your goals, and we will provide a simple and convenient use.