To get a virtual number, replenish the balance of your personal account. Click on "0.00 ₽"at the top right of the site.

When we had been developing our mobile app, we didn't just try to stand out among our rivals. The main goal was to create a convenient product that makes buying or renting a virtual number easier and faster in any place and under any circumstances. The app is optimized to work quickly on any device and it has a nice, modern interface.

Imagine that you are going to order a meal in a cafe and want to get a discount for being listed in their customer base. With our app it won't take you longer to pass verification using an SMS-Activate virtual number than to verify your real number. You get new customer bonuses and keep your personal data private. All that requires a couple of clicks!

Virtual numbers really help you get the best deal in marketplaces, food delivery services or taxi ordering services. And now you can use a virtual number without any problems, even when you have to pass verification immediately. Let's find out all the features of the app, and start with your benefits.

Mobile rank as the easiest way to save money

The SMS-Activate website has a loyalty program. To become a member, you need to top up your balance by 1,000 rubles within a week. After that, you will have access to numbers at wholesale prices. 

But everything is much easier for mobile app users. Just top up your balance with 300 rubles and you will get a "mobile rank". Having got it, purchases through the app will be three times cheaper than retail prices.

Buying a virtual number for one-time verification

Just open the app and enter the name of the service you wanna buy in the search bar at the top. Select the country or, if necessary, first sort the numbers by price and quantity. The purchased number will appear in the "Activations" tab.

Settings favorites

This block adapts to your preferences. Services and countries, numbers of which you buy most often, are collected here. You can also add new items to "Favorites" by yourself. Mark frequently used services with the heart sign to make access to numbers even easier and faster.

Number rent

This popular service is also available in the app. Switch to "Rent" at the bottom of the app and select the rent period using a slider. Depending on the period selected, the quantity of available numbers will be displayed in the app. Now choose the service and country, click on "cart", and the number is yours.


Need one number for several services at once? This option is available on the start page of the application. Click on "plus", select the country and the list of services you want to verify. 

Customize the app to comply with your needs

We've included a pool of system settings so you could customize the app. Here you can choose a theme, set up two-factor authentication, switch to a purchased number, and receive a second message. And there's also a learning option, in case any of the functions raise questions for you.

We hope that there won't be any difficulties. We had been testing the application for a long time to be sure of our product's convenience. But if you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write to our technical support. We'll be happy to get feedback, because we're working for you.

From: 2022-12-08 12:56:11

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