To get a virtual number, replenish the balance of your personal account. Click on "0.00 ₽"at the top right of the site.

SMS-Activate virtual numbers are used all over the world for different purposes. Our team doesn’t always have time to follow every new trend. Yeah, sometimes you know more about some tricks and virtual numbers’ use cases than we do! Like it, if while you were translating a question from Hindi, a passing user had already given an expert and detailed answer to it. 

So, we’ve decided to provide a convenient platform for you to share experiences and ask questions not only about our service. This is how the SMS-Activate community was created. A real forum in Telegram, where users can communicate in their own language.

We have managed to create an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual support. The main rule of community is keeping friendly communication. We do not urge you to disclose patterns of income, but you can share your experiences with newcomers and discuss critical topics for your region. By participating in discussions and interacting with other participants, you can acquire valuable connections and even find new business opportunities.

How to join the community and what you can find there

Choose a space with a language which is comfortable for you. Click this link and go to Telegram. You will see all the available spaces in different languages on the left. Join the one you need and write your greeting, your question or emotions about registration is some new app.

Find useful information: 

  • There's a Welcome section on the left among all other spaces. It contains all the important links, and It will help you navigate.

  • The F.A.Q. section contains answers to the most relevant questions. It's kept up to date by our technical support team. Who knows what you're most concerned about at the moment.

  • In the Bug-Reports section you can share a bug or vulnerability you've found on our website or in the SMS-Activate app, and even get money for that. Come here to read about the Bug Bounty payment terms. 

  • Under pictures of each post of these blocks you can quickly switch the language. Just click on the necessary link.

We're inside the community as well. Technical support constantly looks through the chats to answer your questions, eliminate false information and to block cheaters and toxic users in time. That's why everyone feels comfortable and safe with us!

Overall, the SMS-Activate community is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to get the most out of our service. Whether you're looking for support, guidance, or just want to connect with like-minded people, our community has something for everyone.
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From: 2022-12-22 14:02:11
Услуга для регистрации в сервисах, где для подтверждения нужно ввести последние цифры входящего номера.

Номер выдается на 5 минут. В течение этого времени вам необходимо ввести его в сервисе, где вам необходима верификация. Далее на странице "Активации" SMS-Activate отобразится код. Если возникли проблемы с активацией, успейте отменить покупку номера до истечения 5 минут.

При покупке услуги вы также можете неограниченно принимать СМС на купленный номер в течение 20 минут. Услуга верификации предоставляется по единой выгодной стоимости для всех сервисов.
*Only 1 number can be received. If you receive an incoming call and confirmation numbers, no refund is possible.

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