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This year we reached a new level and held the largest contest in the SMS-Activate history. Thank you all for participation. We confidently promise you that this is only the beginning! There are new contests ahead, new prizes and, of course, a new level of comfort and benefits when working with virtual numbers.

Our participants have also shown a completely new level of effort on attracting users. Thank you for your engagement and creative approach. We hope you will get profit from your referrals' purchases long after the contest is over. In the meantime, here is the list of the best referrers of 2022:

How do you get your prize?

All 30 winners will see a replenishment on their balance soon. You can use the money to buy our services or request withdrawal. In this case contact our technical support, please. Money for winners will be credited according to the SMS-Activate rate by the end of the contest.

If you are not among the winners, do not get upset, as we are already preparing new contests, including those connected to attracting referrals. Thus, your current experience will definitely play into your hands!

From: 2022-12-15 19:07:07

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