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What should one do if their Facebook ads account gets blocked?

Setting up an advertising campaign on Facebook is sometimes similar to walking on thin ice: algorithms analyze many factors to decide whether to allow your product or a specific campaign to be advertised. Online promotion itself is quite an energy-consuming process. Blocking of an ads account can be an additional demotivating obstacle. But don't give up, as in this article we'll tell you why your advertising account can be blocked and help you restore access and avoid blockings in the future.

Reasons for banning an advertising account on Facebook

Facebook rules suppose two levels of blocking: warning and full blocking. Warning ban can be triggered by suspicious activity:

  • Launching ads manager through a new blank page;

  • A large number of parallel ad campaigns, mass launch of ads accounts;

  • Payment for advertising services with a card registered to another person or issued in another country;

  • Change of geo from which the session is started;

  • Connection with the personal account of a user banned for violating the rules of the social network;

  • An immediate increase of the advertising budget or a large budget for the first campaign.

You can also get banned for a big number of rejected ads. Here are the reasons why Facebook can dislike an ad:

  • Advertisements of products sale of which violates the law;

  • Ads and creatives that violate local laws of the individual country in which the ad is shown; 

  • Prohibited content in ads on social platforms: even if your product is 100% "white", the creative itself may violate some rules. 

  • Explicit mention of race, religion, gender or other characteristics in ads;

  • The use of materials for a creative that can evoke strong negative emotions;

  • Click-through graphic elements: arrows, fake buttons, imitation links.

  • Any ambiguous, controversial ads may also be banned.

Step by step Facebook ads account unblocking

First, determine the reasons for the ban. They can be found in the Ads Manager under "Account Quality." It also provides the necessary links and steps to unblock.

Temporary blocking is primarily designed to prevent account hacking and other fraud against the account owner. That's why it's quite easy to remove it. Write to Facebook support, describe the situation and confirm your identity. Then the account will be unblocked as soon as it's checked.

If your account is banned due to regular violations of the rules, the situation will be more difficult to resolve, but sometimes it's possible as well. Here it is important to separate whether it was an accident, because you did not read the rules, or accidentally posted promotional text, or whether you really want to promote products/services forbidden by Facebook rules. In the second case, we recommend choosing a less demanding platform. FB takes great care of its reputation. If you got blocked by mistake, you should also contact support. To do this, click "Request verification" in the Ads Manager. Be polite and precise, be sure to provide the requested information as fully as possible. 

If there is no response for a long time, it makes sense to resubmit your request. Also, if you receive a refusal, you can try to ask to unblock your account again after 2 or 3 days. As the decision is made by employees individually, you may be able to convince them that you are right, if the situation is really controversial.

How to avoid blockings in the future

The main rule is to fix all the mistakes pointed out by the tech support manager, and re-read the rules of Facebook, as they are periodically updated. 

During the session in the advertising account do not use a VPN or proxy, and in general try to log in to the account from the same IP. Don't add suspicious accounts to Ads Manager and pay for campaigns only with a card you can confirm ownership of which. Creating a new advertising account after being blocked will not solve the problem: the algorithms will quickly restore connection with your account, company or product.

Sum up Facebook ads account blocking info

Facebook is very sensitive to its reputation and compliance with the laws of each country of presence. Therefore, it is necessary to read the rules before creating an advertising campaign to avoid unnecessary waste of energy and finances.

If your ad is blocked for some reason, find out the reasons before launching a new one. A large pool of rejected ads seriously increases the risk of being blocked. 

Run Ads Manager from an account that is more than 3 weeks old, and build up your ad budgets gradually. Pay for services from a card issued on your name. Don't bind your account to an account that is suspicious.

If your account gets blocked, don't rush to create a new one: Facebook "remembers" the brand name. It's best to get in touch with a support team right away. If you haven't broken (or have accidentally broken) any site rules, you'll probably get your account back. Follow the rules for using the advertising tools on social platforms, and there won't be any problems. After all, the platform gets profit when you launch ads. 

If the risk of being blocked is predictable, use other promotion platforms or alternative ways to attract traffic with SMS-Activate virtual numbers.

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