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Google Bard: a revolutionary tool for creating music

What is Google Bard? 

As AI's popularity is constantly growing, Google has unveiled its self-learning neural network and a chatbot with an accessible interface and voice recognition capabilities based on this network. Excluding complicated technical information, we can say that Google Bard is a ChatGPT competitor directed toward creating artworks. The key feature of Google Bard is simulation of creativity and emotions. To achieve these goals, Google Bard has been using data with examples of original dialogues, literary works, poems, and songs. 

Can one export songs from Google Bard to other formats? How to access Google Bard and is there a free version?  All answers to the most important questions related to the product can be found in this article.

How does Google Bard work?

The chatbot is based on the BERT neural network, which Google has been actively improving for 4 years. Generation of responses imitating the real person and aggregating information has become possible thanks to the LaMDA language model. It has already been successfully used to form search results, but now it has a new "light" version that can operate even with low computer power. 

Another important question is what languages does Google Bard support? At the moment, the chatbot is able to communicate with you in English, Korean and Japanese. But it is planned to scale the model to 40 languages in the near future.

What is Google Bard needed for?

Google Bard is still at the testing and development stage. But frankly speaking, such fate awaits every product based on AI, because this scientific field is new to some extent and it will be rapidly developing in the coming years. Here's the list of what the chatbot can do right now:  

  • Take active part in dialogues, acting both as a search engine which provides aggregated information on your demand, and as a supportive companion.

  • Provide marketing product descriptions and other business texts;

  • Create original code and correct errors in a finished code using 20+ programming languages;

  • Generate artworks in a given genre considering the desired tone;

  • Chat bot is integrated with other Google products: texts can be exported to Google Docs, data can be exported to Google tables and generated emails can be sent via GMail. This is one of the key features of Google Bard. 

  • What's gaining the most interest about AI in the music environment is that the chat bot can suggest an idea for a song, generate lyrics, give advice upon an instrumental part and even suggest chords and write a rhythm section. Bard is helpful when you are searching for inspiration and new ideas.

How to create music with Google Bard?

Simultaneously with the sensational AI for generating pictures, a number of neural networks for creating music is developing. Since Google Bard presents itself as a product for creative people, among other things, and already gives quite specific advice on creating music compositions, users expect it to compete with Mubert, Jukebox and other music neural networks. So, Google is evolving in that direction.

A few months ago, the company introduced the MusicLM neural network for generating music by text description. The AI was trained on 280,000 audio recordings created in different genres, with different tempos and moods. The description can contain only the genre or more detailed requirements for melody, tempo, development, instruments involved. MusicLM can also recognize the melody a person is humming and rely on that sound when creating music.

Google has already announced the upcoming integration of MusicLM into its chat bot. After that a lot of questions immediately arose among the audience: what genres of music can be created with Google Bard? What distinguishes Google Bard from other music programs? Can a neural network replace composers and beatmakers? 

Since MusicLM is also actively developing and refining, it's hard to predict. In fact, the neural network still has a long way to go and improve. Even the examples of generated compositions provided by the developers themselves cannot yet be compared with work of experienced musicians and DJs. Nevertheless, electronic music already sounds quite convincing, and guitar sound with distortion effect also turns out to be decent. But a true symphony orchestra cannot be recreated…..yet.

Summarizing. Does Google Bard have an automatic music creation feature?

At the moment, there is no such feature, but we can expect another neural network from Google (MusicLM) to be integrated into Bard in the near future. However, right now the chatbot can create a valid request for MusicLM. You just need to copy and paste the description. In addition, the chatbot itself will give advice on writing music based on a number of real musical compositions.

How to download Google Bard, how to sign up for Google Bard?

Access to the chatbot in its test mode is available to everyone. You can use the site or a browser extension to use it. You only need a Google account to register. 

If your country is blocked, use a VPN or Proxy. You'll also need a virtual number for the corresponding country to create an account. It is described in this instruction where to buy one and how to use it.

Google Bard: Google's tech project with a promising future

The chatbot of the largest IT-corporation could not turn out to be a low-quality product. Despite some criticism and constant comparisons to ChatGPT, Google certainly bets on its new tool. Development and prospects of Google Bard in the future definitely give hope. Serious financial opportunities, popularity of AI and the resource of the world's best programmers guarantee success of the chatbot.

As for users, even simple interest encourages millions of people to sign up and try the new technological marvel. As the AI sphere develops, this interest will only grow, users will learn both how to use Google Bard to create their own songs and how to use it for business and work. As for Google Bard, it seems that the vector of its development will also provide us with an attentive and empathetic companion.

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