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November 17, the official Blizzard website released information about the sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus. In fact, it is said that players from Russian servers can no longer buy new games, pay for a WOW subscription and get a new skin or a combat pass for Overwatch 2. Access to paid games still remains. This information was removed later. We don't know what's going on, but we know exactly what to do.

You are arriving in Junkertown, or you are not, if your account falls in the meat grinder of political conflicts, sanctions, and all the other things 2022 is rich with. In recent news Blizzard has unbinded some Russian and Belarusian numbers from Battle.net accounts. Moreover, the number can’t be bound again. In addition, some players have lost access to all payment methods for subscriptions or in-game purchases. But if you already had money on your Battle.net account balance, they still can be used for payments.

The situation was clarified in detail by Daniel Alegre, who is Blizzard’s head, in his press release. Two days passed, and the text disappeared from official sources. If you didn’t have time to read the statement, the gist is next: the company is very concerned about the political situation, so they have introduced some sanctions against players from Russia and Belarus. They said it and they meant it. Some players of Overwatch 2, who have never had an account with the first part of the game, report that they have lost access to their accounts. The same problems are expected with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

Players who have nothing to fear:

  • Those who have the first part of the game saved in their library memory;

  • Account owners who, when registering, chose the region which at the moment is not influenced by the sanctions.

If your account is Russian and it is still not blocked, it can happen at any time.

How to bypass Blizzard’s sanctions from Russia? 

1. As usual, virtual numbers and a good VPN or Proxy save us. To continue playing the shooter, you need a new Battle.net account, smartly registered in another region. Let’s go step by step:

  • Uninstall the old Launcher. We are sure you know how to do this and that removing the icon from the desktop is not enough. But still, we are going to describe the algorithm: 

  • "Start" - "Settings" - "Applications" - "Applications and features”;

  • Find Battle.net here and delete it;

  • Now press Win+R and type %PROGRAMDATA%. Delete the Battle.net and Blizzard Entertainment folders.

  • Press Win+R again. Now type %LOCALAPPDATA% and delete the folders associated with Battle.net and Blizzard one more time.

2. Click "Play Free” on the official Battle.net website. A new tab will automatically appear in your browser, as well as the installer for the game, Overwatch-Setup will be downloaded to your computer. Use this file to download Battle.net again.

3. Now repeat the registration. Use a VPN/Proxy with the region you plan to specify as your home one. There are teas spilled that everything works well in Kazakhstan.

4. Since you are now a new user of Battle.net, you will be asked to verify your phone number. Go to the website or the SMS-Activate app, select "Any Other" from the list of services, identify the same region as you chose in VPN or Proxy, and get an SMS to your virtual number. Then you can play without using a VPN.

We do not know how the situation with the sanctions will develop further. We assume that this temporary inconvenience is more likely to be related to the technical difficulties of the local blocking than to the heated discussion of the issue by Blizzard's PR people. We'll keep an eye on the situation and offer relevant solutions. In any case, virtual numbers help mask your geolocation and bypass blocking in games, on news resources and on other sites. Use numbers, they work!

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