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Virtual number for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II  

Spoiler: using SMS-Activate binding a number won’t be a problem.

Modern Warfare II is coming, but there is a small nuance: now you can play only after verifying your mobile number. Blizzard has already used two-factor authentication in the Overwatch sequel, and it caused a wave of gamers' misunderstanding. A similar story is going to be repeated with the new Call of Duty. Let's figure out what's wrong.

Before you can start playing, your number must be binded to a Battle.net or Steam account. Apparently, this is done as a barrier to creating cheat multi-accounts. One of the commonly used schemes is called twinks. It is when a high-level player “intrudes” in matches with newcomers using a new account. Thus they spoil everyone's mood and self-esteem. 

The idea may even seem to be not a bad one. But the main problem of the update is that not every number is suitable for registration. For example, the SMS Protect system is not available for numbers with a non-prepaid tariff. Whereas the creators of MWII do not allow you to play keeping comfortable for you tariff, the SMS-Activate service is coming to the rescue. 

On the SMS-Activate website you can buy virtual numbers for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, which will exactly fit the registration purpose. It is not expensive and really easy:

  1. Choose "Any Other" in the left menu of the service;

  2. Copy the number in the "Activations" section and enter it in the verification field;

  3. Wait for the verification code.

It is important to choose the number of the country where the platform sells its products. If the country does not match your real geolocation, use a Proxy or VPN. If the code doesn't arrive, the money will be automatically returned to your balance. In this case, try to purchase another number again.

Now you can register an account, and more than one if you need. Blizzard also frankly confesses that it will use phone numbers for sending promo messages: "Adding a phone number will allow Blizzard Entertainment to send you notifications when important changes are made to your account”. If you're completely aware of your account, you can avoid unnecessary messages with virtual numbers.

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