To get a virtual number, replenish the balance of your personal account. Click on "0.00 ₽"at the top right of the site.

We know our precious users very well. Some of you can peel a tangerine with one hand and make big money with virtual SMS-Activate numbers with the other one. Some others buy gifts and everything to arrange the holidays applying huge discounts, because they’ve registered a new account for their favorite marketplace. We know that we've been close to many of you during all this year, helping you work with traffic, get benefits, try new things and keep your personal data safe. 

We want to be even more helpful within the New Year period! That's why we're launching the "100% Replenishment" promo. Within 2 weeks we will fully compensate the commission for balance replenishments, so 100 % of the sum will be credited to your balance.

Promo period: From December 26 to January 8 

Who can participate: Any SMS-Activate user, even if you have just created your first account.

How to participate: Just top up your balance during this period using one of the following methods, and we will reimburse the commission amount: 

  • Stripe (3% commission)

  • Russian bank card (6% commission)

  • Qiwi (6% commission)

  • SBP (fast payments system) (5.5% commission)

The more profitable replenishment you make, the more profitable each virtual number will be for you and the more you can earn! We wish you that your holidays expenses could be paid off within the holidays!

Activating New Year's mood

Having told you about the main things, we want to share our achievements with you. A lot of important things happened this year:

  • You’ve bought 200 million virtual numbers. WOW!

  • The three millionth user has registered on SMS-Activate. A long time ago we couldn't even think about such numbers!

  • We’ve paid out 2.3 million rubles for attracting new users through a referral program. By the way, have you tried it yet?

  • There was an event that surprised us all. Users from all over the world have registered Nike accounts to grab the iconic sneakers;

  • There was also a case that put the whole team working in emergency mode. A boom of interest in the ChatGPT neuronet.

Yes, it was a busy and eventful year for our team. There are no words to describe how grateful we are for this year's results! 

Warmly congratulate you on the upcoming New Year! Let it give you only the brightest emotions. Live your life to the fullest, shine, don't be afraid to express yourself to the whole world, because when you need privacy, we in SMS-Activate will provide it.

From: 2022-12-26 09:09:10
Услуга для регистрации в сервисах, где для подтверждения нужно ввести последние цифры входящего номера.

Номер выдается на 5 минут. В течение этого времени вам необходимо ввести его в сервисе, где вам необходима верификация. Далее на странице "Активации" SMS-Activate отобразится код. Если возникли проблемы с активацией, успейте отменить покупку номера до истечения 5 минут.

При покупке услуги вы также можете неограниченно принимать СМС на купленный номер в течение 20 минут. Услуга верификации предоставляется по единой выгодной стоимости для всех сервисов.
*Only 1 number can be received. If you receive an incoming call and confirmation numbers, no refund is possible.

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