To get a virtual number, replenish the balance of your personal account. Click on "0.00 ₽"at the top right of the site.
We are starting to sell accounts on SMS-Activate!

Here you can always purchase virtual numbers for activation and rental. But if you suddenly encounter any problems when registering in various services, you can immediately buy a ready-made account without leaving the site or application. Yes, now you can do it directly on SMS-Activate, because the best sellers of hStock place their offers here.

There are always the necessary ready-made accounts on this resource, and recently stores have the opportunity to fulfill a number of SMS-Activate conditions in order to freely sell goods directly on the site.

Thanks to this, you will not have to waste time searching for a ready-made account and choosing a seller, since we will host only verified stores, most of which have a high rank in our loyalty program.

For example, you want to buy a VK or Instagram account. Choose the appropriate option on SMS-Activate and pay. In the future, all interaction with the product takes place on hStock. The main thing is that now both virtual numbers and ready-made accounts are available for purchase in one place.

All products have optimal prices, and account information is always up to date. Save time and solve your problems by purchasing everything you need for this in a single space.

The SMS-Activate team wishes you successful registrations!
From: 2021-11-11 17:00:36
Услуга для регистрации в сервисах, где для подтверждения нужно ввести последние цифры входящего номера.

Номер выдается на 5 минут. В течение этого времени вам необходимо ввести его в сервисе, где вам необходима верификация. Далее на странице "Активации" SMS-Activate отобразится код. Если возникли проблемы с активацией, успейте отменить покупку номера до истечения 5 минут.

При покупке услуги вы также можете неограниченно принимать СМС на купленный номер в течение 20 минут. Услуга верификации предоставляется по единой выгодной стоимости для всех сервисов.
*Only 1 number can be received. If you receive an incoming call and confirmation numbers, no refund is possible.

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