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Receive SMS online using temporary phone number

Online SMS reception is possible due to fake virtual phone numbers which are used to receive messages from different online services like social networks, websites, instant messengers and so on.

The process itself is quite simple. Fake virtual numbers are not actually fake or virtual. They are real numbers connected to physical SIM cards which are installed in special equipment connected to computers. Fake number is called like that because it is not your own number. So they can be fully trusted and every virtual number is reliable.

What is a temporary phone number?

Temp phone number is a kind of online phone number for receiving texts from all over the world regardless of your location, IP address or device. On SMS-Activate website temporary phone numbers are provided to you from more than 190 countries. You can use them only to receive messages but not to send messages.

They are also called disposable phone numbers as they are discarded at a set period. So you don’t have to worry about privacy. There are 2 ways to use disposable numbers:

1. For activations

Numbers are given for 20-90 minutes so that you could receive an SMS from chosen service

2. For rent

In this case numbers are provided for the period from 4 hours to 8 weeks. You can receive an unlimited quantity of SMS from any service.

Why you need to receive SMS online

1. SMS/Phone verification

Receiving SMS online is helpful whenever you need to pass SMS/Phone verification in order to confirm your identity and register an account in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other online service. You just receive a one time password (confirmation code) to a virtual number, enter it and sign up.

2. Privacy

Receiving SMS online is required when you need to register or verify your account absolutely anonymously. If you don’t want to take risk providing your personal phone number you can always use a disposable one to verify or activate your account keeping personal data safe.

Why to choose SMS-Activate for receiving SMS online?

1. SMS-Activate service is the leading platform for receiving SMS online. We have the widest range of fake numbers on the whole market. Speed of SMS reception and reliability of numbers are our priorities.

2. There is a possibility to use a free phone number to receive an SMS without registration! You can ask any questions and our technical support will help you to solve any problem.

3. There are more than 100 000 numbers online daily, so you can certainly receive an SMS from any service whenever you like.

4. Loyalty program for those who turn virtual numbers into income and rent a lot of them.

If you want to get a virtual number: you need to open our website and find a suitable service on the left menu first. They are ranked from the most to the least popular on the menu. After that it is necessary to select a country for the number activation. To make it convenient for you, countries can be sorted out by popularity, price and the quantity of numbers available for a particular service. After you have chosen a country, an icon for selecting the amount of numbers needed will appear near the country name. Note: that if you click directly on the cart icon, you will get only 1 virtual number.

Who can use our service of online SMS reception?

  • Anyone who needs to register, activate or verify an account

  • Marketing specialists

  • Traffic arbitrage specialists

  • SMM and SEO specialists

  • Targeting and context advertisement specialists

  • People who want to earn or save money online

  • Ane person from any location in the world for any private purpose 

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