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We regularly analyze the market of virtual numbers to develop and adopt best practices. And now we want to find out more about new and little-known services in our sphere. Maybe we even haven’t noticed a major local service with a large customer base. That's why we announce a contest!

Contest Conditions

Send links leading to websites of virtual numbers services to our Telegram bot. Services must meet the following requirements:

  • Be Unique: services that are not yet in our database and the ones which haven’t been sent by other participants are counted;

  • Be Active: those that are currently working, mentioned in social networks, have a base of active users;

  • Be Created earlier than 3 months ago. Thus, we exclude the services created especially for our contest;

  • A service can be from any country, any geography will do.

Please note: we do not count services providing only free numbers.

Prizes and places:

For each service that you send and that meets the conditions, you will be awarded 1 point. Prizes and cash prizes will be distributed in accordance with the points:

  • 1 place - $2,000

  • 2 place - $1000

  • 3 place - $500

  • 4 place - $200

  • 5 place - $200

The bot will accept links to services until March 19, 23:59 MSK. After that we will need time to verify them. March 31 is the day when we sum up the results and announce the winners.

Even if you haven't worked with other services but you are willing to take part and find them, you have all chances to win. Find the services anywhere you can, accumulate your points and make up to $2,000! 

We wish you all luck, 

Your SMS-Activate team.

From: 2023-02-14 10:36:48

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