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Bypassing blockings and registering any geo with Telegram Expert: as well as Telegram X!

  • What is Telegram X?
  • Automatic parameter adjustment for Telegram X
  • What are the results of the conducted tests?
  • Statistics (South Africa and Indonesia):
  • Telegram started requesting an email address when registering an account.
  • Sum everything up

Our partner Telegram Expert has always been an example of advanced developments in the sphere of combine software. Adapting the software to work and make registrations on Telegram X was a difficult task. Testing lasted several months. But now, after successful tests have been finished, the developer announced full support of Telegram X. Meet the feature!

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Telegram Expert is a powerful multi-purpose combine tool for work in TG. In addition to the account automatic registration option, the program has more than 40 modules, which allows you to fully automate all possible actions on Telegram.

Thanks to the latest update, the module of account auto-registration by our partners fully supports registration not only in the regular TG client, but also in Telegram X.

What is Telegram X?

Telegram X is an alternative official messenger client that is already being used all over the world. Account registration is also open on this resource. But until now, no public software fully supported work on Telegram X. Telegram Expert's team decided to change this situation.

Automatic parameter adjustment for Telegram X

The developer has not just added full-fledged support, but the software has an algorithm of automatic parameters correction when working on Telegram X. Thus, if you want to register an account, let's say, on Android 12 or SDK 31, then the program will automatically provide the correct parameters when connecting to the Telegram servers. Awesome, isn't it?

Simultaneous registration of Telegram and Telegram X

The ability to use the same parameters' database on Telegram Android and Telegram X has been integrated. This means that you can register both Telegram and Telegram X accounts in one same copy of Telegram Expert simultaneously.

What about tokens?

SafetyNet is a technology that allows you to check whether a person is using a real mobile phone number, whether root access is open or not, whether developer mode is enabled, etc. As a response to a request from a mobile application, a specially generated jwt-token with a digital signature is sent.

Telegram Expert is able to fully emulate a cell phone for Telegram and Telegram X.

Each API KEY refers to a definite app. Two boxes to set both keys and generate tokens at the time of registration and retrieving parameters from the database have already been integrated in Telegram Expert. The software will automatically detect which API KEY should be used and request the corresponding token.

What are the results of the conducted tests?

Telegram X has surprised everyone with the results during the last testing of accounts: random bans were practically reduced to zero during registrations. If registering with pair 4, Telegram (4:014b35b6184100b085b0d0572f9b5103) checks proxies and parameters very strictly, and the percentage of phantom bans in the range of 1-5% is considered to be normal, then when using Telegram X, on average we got only 1-3 bans for 1000 registered accounts.

It turns out that phantom bans occur about 10 times less often. It goes without saying, because up to this moment, no one had ever used Telegram X for mass registrations.

Statistics (South Africa and Indonesia):

  • Telegram Android - 1,000 registered accounts, 28 accounts got phantom bans;
  • Telegram X - 1,000 registered accounts, 3 accounts got phantom bans

*Tests were performed at the moment of introduction of temporary mails.​

Telegram started requesting an email address when registering an account.

This practice has first appeared on Indonesian and South African numbers. How does it work? If a person uses the Telegram app, then after entering a phone number, the page of entering an email address is opened. Then a code consisting of digits is sent to the provided email address.

In the case of accounts auto registration tools, such as Telegram Expert, the registration process looks much easier: the program does everything automatically in a multi-threaded mode. All you need to do is top up your balance on the SMS-Activate platform, get an API key in the settings and enter it into the software. The whole registration process will be fully automated, so you can register hundreds and even tens of thousands of accounts!

USA Virtual Numbers

Perhaps, you have heard information from people working in our sphere that virtual US numbers may only be registered on Telegram X and if you have the latest version. This was partly true, but the latest Telegram filters have almost completely eliminated the possibility of registering US virtual numbers, but even there Telegram Expert has some success!

Temporary mails and registration for Indonesia, South Africa and other restricted countries on Telegram X is also perfectly performed by Telegram Expert.

Support for third-party programs

Only Telegram Expert supports work on Telegram X. Currently no publicly available software supports this client, and transferring accounts without duplication will most likely lead to a ban. Be careful!

Sum everything up

Telegram Expert has a very high percentage of successful registrations: it is obvious if you take a look at the statistics. Thanks to regular updates of our partners' program, you can register any geo in large amounts. The program fully emulates smartphones, overcomes all restrictions, and automatically selects mailboxes.

The season of registration on Telegram X is declared open,
We wish you luck in all your registrations!

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