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Hello everyone, the SMS-Activate project team is in touch!
A month earlier - we charged loyalty program participants for a whole week (https://sms-activate.org/ru/loyalVIP ) 2 times more cashback, thanks to which our users additionally received more than 5,000,000₽!

As we promised earlier, we did not stop there, because we know that bonuses are always nice. Therefore, this month it was decided to hold this action again and please our beloved users!

The conditions are very simple:
1. Raise your rank by one position or more compared to a week earlier
For example, if you moved from the second to the third rank from August 1 to August 14, then you have already completed this item.

2. From August 8th to August 14th inclusive, cashback will be credited for deposits, which will be available on August 15th.
3. Be sure to activate the promo code - X2CASH during the promotion! Without it, cashback at the X2 rate will not be considered.

Please note that cashback is calculated on Monday weekly, so you will not notice an instant change in cashback!

Have you fulfilled all the conditions ? Congratulations - you are a happy participant of the action!

If you have a rank 10 in the Loyalty Program, then you do not need to take any action. X2 cashback is credited to you automatically

The SMS-Activate team wishes you successful activations!

From: 2022-08-03 18:12:20
Услуга для регистрации в сервисах, где для подтверждения нужно ввести последние цифры входящего номера.

Номер выдается на 5 минут. В течение этого времени вам необходимо ввести его в сервисе, где вам необходима верификация. Далее на странице "Активации" SMS-Activate отобразится код. Если возникли проблемы с активацией, успейте отменить покупку номера до истечения 5 минут.

При покупке услуги вы также можете неограниченно принимать СМС на купленный номер в течение 20 минут. Услуга верификации предоставляется по единой выгодной стоимости для всех сервисов.
*Only 1 number can be received. If you receive an incoming call and confirmation numbers, no refund is possible.

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