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Receive SMS Online for FREE With a Temporary Phone Number

Accessing free virtual numbers offers a seamless introduction to SMS-Activate's offerings without the need for website registration. In just a few quick steps, you can verify your phone number with the necessary services:

  1. Choose a phone number from the desired country listed on this page.
  2. Utilize this number on the platform or app where registration is required.
  3. The moment an SMS arrives, its code will be shared in the general list for this phone number.

Our complimentary virtual numbers are equipped to receive any SMS, with the sole exception of texts from payment systems and services tied to financial operations.

There's no need to refresh the page — every message is promptly delivered to our server and immediately displayed on our site.

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Free virtual
  • Number available without registration
  • No more than 5 countries
  • Only one-time SMS, receiving a call is impossible
  • Limited quantity of numbers
  • The number is available to everyone, the code will be seen by any visitor of the page
  • Number reactivation is not available
  • Bonuses for future purchases are not provided
  • Activation may be not available, as the number may have already been used to register an account
virtual number
  • Number available after purchase
  • Over 188 countries
  • Up to 20 minutes of SMS or SMS + calls depending on the selected service
  • Over 15 million available numbers
  • The number for service is available only to you, the code is private
  • Number reactivation is possible*
  • Participation in the loyalty program and access to discounts and promotions
  • Guaranteed receiption of a code for the chosen service or services** or a refund
Increased rent of a
virtual number
  • Number available after purchase
  • Over 188 countries
  • Up to 1.5 months of SMS or SMS + calls depending on the chosen service
  • Over 15 million available numbers
  • The number for service is available only to you, the code is private
  • Number reactivation is possible**
  • Participation in the loyalty program and access to discounts and promotions
  • Full number rent, receiving SMS and calls from any authorized sites and applications without restrictions

*The possibility of reactivation should be checked through the tech support.

**When the "Multiservice" service is enabled, the service is available free of charge.

It is not a public offer.


SMS-Activate virtual phone numbers, which can be as affordable as 1 ruble, offer the flexibility to receive SMS texts online for free. Both types of numbers serve identical purposes, allowing you to receive text messages for verification. The key difference is that a completely free temporary phone number may be used by others in addition to yourself. Moreover, when you receive a verification code, it is displayed on a public list, indicating that these codes are not maintained in confidentiality.
Utilizing free services to receive free online SMS for account verification, especially on social networks, requires caution. Here are some essential practices to follow:
  1. Avoid using free numbers for SMS verification and registering accounts on social networks that hold significant value to you.
  2. Steer clear of using these temporary phone numbers for accounts related to financial information or other critical data.
Remember, a free SMS verification code becomes visible to everyone. Although SMS-Activate is not accountable for any possible misuse by third parties, using free SMS services for harmless activities, such as obtaining offers from a local café's loyalty program, is considered safe, and does not jeopardize your security or undermine your privacy.
Typically, our collection of free temporary phone numbers is refreshed weekly. The variety and geographical spread of these disposable numbers hinge on our providers. Updates regarding new arrivals can be found directly on this page, via our customer support or through our official Telegram channel, where we frequently share news about available numbers and their associated foreign countries.
Our platform allows you to get a temporary number for free, enabling you to test our services and determine their fit for your needs. Should you require a more permanent solution, acquiring a temporary phone number is straightforward. Simply recharge your account in a manner that suits you, and navigate the instructions provided in the left side menu. The purchasing process is designed to be smooth and hassle-free.
This feature is a prime example of how our virtual numbers can be used extensively. Here's how it differs from merely renting to fully activating a temporary phone number:
If you're looking to register using a disposable phone number without incurring costs, our platform simplifies this to a single-page process. Select the desired country, copy the temporary phone number provided, and proceed with your phone number for verification. The moment your code is received, it will be displayed in the public list, ensuring you can proceed with your verification seamlessly.
We provide this service and regularly update the list of free numbers for registration as a welcome bonus for new customers. This is how we create conditions so that you can test the service and solve the problem of receiving a confirmation code once. We hope that in the future you will contact us for trusted and reliable numbers for social networks, instant messengers and payment systems. To achieve that, we have created a quality service and maintain prices at an affordable level. Thank you for choosing SMS-Activate!

An option for registration in services where you need to enter the last digits of the incoming number for confirmation.

The number is provided for 5 minutes. You need to enter it in the service where you need to pass verification within this time. Then a code will be displayed on the page "Activation" at SMS-Activate. If you have problems with activation, cancel the purchase of the number before 5 minutes pass.

If you purchase the service, you can also receive unlimited SMS to the purchased number within 20 minutes. Verification service is provided at the same favorable price for all services.

*Only 1 number can be received. If you receive an incoming call and confirmation numbers, no refund is possible.

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