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Discord is a messenger with an emphasis on voice chats, created for gamers first. But like any product of high quality, Discord has grown outside the original tasks’ frames that its developers specified in the beginning. Today the platform is chosen for communication beyond the gaming context, for learning tasks, and even for business calls. It's a popular modern platform with dynamic communication and 59 million users online monthly. Back in 2019, there were 250 million users registered on Discord, and that number has grown tremendously since then.

Sometimes you may need more than one account for anonymous communication and traffic attraction. SMS-Activate virtual numbers are suitable for multi-account registration in DC.

What you need to know about Discord as a source of traffic?

The age range of the Discord audience is quite wide, from 12 to 45 years. Male audience dominates and makes up 65%. The main thing to know: there is a 90% probability that the user who gets into the involvement group will be more or less interested in game topics.

  • Create your own server. Find a relevant topic, offer interesting content and do not forget about moderation. Analyze the audience, create chats, block spam, as the user should be comfortable and interested. Soon you will have a platform where you can not only promote your product or brand, but also sell advertisements.

  • Publish ads on servers. It is common practice for social networks, and the same principles apply for Discord. You can buy ads, negotiate on the barter, or place them for free if you know the owners of the servers.

  • Organize private mass messaging. To do this, the account should be warmed up. Add friends, chat, add to different servers. This approach will increase the number of people you can send messages to. Here are the reasons why your message may be not delivered: 

1. You are in a user's ban list.

2. You do not have shared servers with the user.

3. The DM function is disabled In the shared server.

4. The recipient's personal settings are blocking your message.

  • Create a public chat with users who might be your target audience and send creatives/links to it.

  • Throw in offers in other chat rooms if they do not forbid advertising.

Of course, most of these actions will lead your Discord accounts to a ban. To register a large number of new accounts with any geography, use SMS-Activate virtual numbers. 

How to register a Discord account with a virtual number?

  1. Choose the Discord service in the left menu on the SMS-Activate website;

  2. Select the country of registration. It must coincide with the real geolocation of your device, unless you are using a proxy or VPN;

  3. Click on the cart icon to buy the number;

  4. The virtual number will appear in the "Activations" section, copy it and enter it in the Discord verification field;

  5. The verification code will appear in your personal SMS-Activate account to the right of the number.

SMS-Activate service keeps prices for virtual numbers below the market average level. Thus, the cost of your new accounts for traffic attraction and communication will be profitable. We wish you success in achieving your goals!


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