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Dear users!
We are glad to present you our updated SMS-Activate. To make our cooperation as comfortable as possible, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the new interface and functionality:


All important sections are located in the site header:

ACTIVATIONS. Information about all purchased numbers for receiving sms and service registration is displayed here.
RENT. In this section you can see all the numbers which have been rented for an extended period. It is also possible to prolong a number rent up to 4 weeks.
API. Here you can get an API-key for the interconnection between your software and the activation server of SMS-Activate.
BLOG. One can find useful articles about concerning issues of the information technologies world in our blog. There are also plenty of helpful lifehacks and advice.
INSTRUCTIONS. This section provides detailed information on how to use the main SMS-Activate tools.
SUPPORT. You can contact the support team any time if you have questions or don’t understand something.
PROFILE. This section includes account settings, your rank, purchase history and information about the loyalty program.
LANGUAGE. Here you are supposed to choose an appropriate language of the website.
BALANCE. Here you can top up your balance.

It happened that after choosing a country on the side purchase menu, you couldn’t buy a necessary service.
That’s why we have changed the order. You need to find a suitable service first. They are ranked from the most to the least popular on the menu. After that it is necessary to select a country for the number activation. To make it convenient for you countries can be sorted out by popularity, price and the quantity of numbers available for a particular service.After you have chosen a country, an icon for selecting the amount of numbers needed will appear near the country name. Note: that if you click directly on the cart icon, you will buy only 1 virtual number.


We understand that it is not always possible to receive an SMS within 20 minutes. Therefore, we decided to make it easier for you. If for some reason you were not able to activate an account using a virtual number, then you can buy a ready-made account for any popular service in the “Activations” section. Products of the best hStock website stores are available here.


The link on the free numbers page is located in the footer.
Here you can find free virtual numbers for receiving sms. Numbers are renewed every week and they are always available. It is not recommended using free numbers for registration of important accounts.

Note that if someone had already registered the same service for the number you have chosen, then you will not be able to do that.We recommend that you choose another free number from the list, buy a virtual number for receiving sms on the side menu or purchase a ready-made account in the “ Activations ” section.


Proxies help stay anonymous while surfing the net by hiding your real IP address. They provide users with additional privacy, better security, higher capacity and extended access to the limited content.

To purchase proxy services, a separate subdomain proxy.sms-activate.org. Here you can buy mobile proxies from both our reliable partners and our own store.

Mobile proxies are a perfect tool for activations since mobile operators’ IP addresses are added to the whitelist of the most services.

Operators have a limited number of IP addresses for every cell site. The entire pool is constantly allocated to different users who work with the same services in the network. Therefore, big companies do not apply restrictive measures to the IP addresses of mobile operators, which makes it possible to register with the desired service much faster and easier using mobile proxies