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SMS-Activate: a guide for the website and its services

There are great changes in our service, and all of them are for the better. Renewed design, the Free Price option and convenient side menu: find out more and use all the opportunities of SMS-Activate!

Rebuilt header

The header of the website has become easier and more coherent. Your ID can now be copied in one click. There is also a button for Free Price. It is a new service which is worth talking about as a separate thing.

Free Price

This option allows you to choose a price range which is affordable for you and buy numbers from alternative suppliers. We have created Free Price so you can buy necessary numbers even when there is a lack of them. Read more →→

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Now the left menu has got everything for quick work with virtual numbers. It’s become more convenient to enter the quantity of numbers for a purchase and mark services as "Favorites". After adding a service to “Favorites” you immediately see the quality of available numbers and can choose any operator. You can activate Free Price in the sidebar as well.

As for the sidebar algorithm, it remains the same:

  • Find the necessary service (they are arranged from the most to the least popular);
  • Choose the country (countries can be sorted by popularity, price as well as by the quantity of available numbers for the certain service).
  • Define the quantity of numbers (note: if you directly click on the "cart" icon, you will buy only one number);
  • Click on the "cart" icon and a number(s) will be displayed on the "Activations" page.

Additional blocks can be opened by a click, and you can hide them if necessary. Everything is at your hands, nothing else!

Buying ready-made accounts

You can buy ready-made accounts with the necessary characteristics (registration method, period after registration, the number of subscribers, etc.) directly on the site. All accounts are provided by reliable sellers of the hStock Marketplace. Use the service if you do not have time to register or if you need an account with "longevity".

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Free numbers

Every week we update the list of numbers that you can use for free and without registration on SMS-Activate. Verification codes are displayed in the publicly available stream, and the list of countries is limited. Note that it is better to buy a reliable private number to register important accounts.

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Loyalty Program

Regular customers have access to wholesale prices, discounts up to 40%. Increase your level and rank in the loyalty program to get the best conditions.

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Partners Software

Choose reliable software to register accounts for Google, Telegram, Instagram and other services. All the software is guaranteed to be compatible with SMS-Activate and allows you to buy numbers automatically. You can also join us as a partner if you develop such a software by yourself.

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An option for registration in services where you need to enter the last digits of the incoming number for confirmation.

The number is provided for 5 minutes. You need to enter it in the service where you need to pass verification within this time. Then a code will be displayed on the page "Activation" at SMS-Activate. If you have problems with activation, cancel the purchase of the number before 5 minutes pass.

If you purchase the service, you can also receive unlimited SMS to the purchased number within 20 minutes. Verification service is provided at the same favorable price for all services.

*Only 1 number can be received. If you receive an incoming call and confirmation numbers, no refund is possible.

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