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Mamba is a conditionally free service for dating and communication which is mostly popular among middle-aged people. More than 2 million users from 50 different countries visit the site and the application every day. Despite high competition, the founders manage to maintain the popularity of the service. In some countries Mamba brand recognition exceeds even the level of such products as Tinder and Badoo.

Statistics show that people use dating services for a variety of purposes. For example, 51% of men and 49% of women consider it just a kind of entertainment, that is, they treat dating sites more like regular social networks. Their approach provides space for using Mamba as a platform for promotion and a source of traffic. There is a quite clear portrait of the audience and its request inside the app. Which means that it will be easy to make a relevant offer and earn money. There's not much left to do: create a multi-account or just register an anonymous page on Mamba, use SMS-Activate virtual numbers.

Why may one need an additional Mamba account?

  • To attract traffic. The website has not only potential partners, but also possible referrals;

  • To send mails. Accounts that are suspected in mass mailing might get blocked, in which case you will need a new Mamba account;

  • To communicate anonymously. When you are in a serious relationship, it might be useful to check your partner;

  • To avoid spam. If you don't want to get notifications on your smartphone, a virtual number is a great alternative to a usual number.

How to register a Mamba account using a virtual number?

  • Select Mamba service in the left menu;

  • Choose the country of registration;

  • Click on the “cart” icon to buy a number;

  • Copy the number on "Activation" page and type it in the verification field on the website or in the application;

  • The code will appear to the right of the number on the Activation page.

If the verification code does not arrive for some reason, the spent amount will automatically return to your balance. In this case, try to buy a number again.

An option for registration in services where you need to enter the last digits of the incoming number for confirmation.

The number is provided for 5 minutes. You need to enter it in the service where you need to pass verification within this time. Then a code will be displayed on the page "Activation" at SMS-Activate. If you have problems with activation, cancel the purchase of the number before 5 minutes pass.

If you purchase the service, you can also receive unlimited SMS to the purchased number within 20 minutes. Verification service is provided at the same favorable price for all services.

*Only 1 number can be received. If you receive an incoming call and confirmation numbers, no refund is possible.

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