To get a virtual number, replenish the balance of your personal account. Click on "0.00 ₽"at the top right of the site.

Virtual numbers for Tinder registration

Nowadays, Tinder remains the most popular dating service. The app can be used not only for private life, but also for commercial purposes. Traffic arbitrage, product or blog promotion, all that can be realized with help of fake Tinder accounts.

If you're not ready to verify your Tinder account via your real phone number for some reason, then use SMS-Activate. What are the situations when it is better use a temporary number to get a text message online?

  • To keep complete privacy. Although the application does not show the user's phone number, sometimes it is preferable not to share personal data.

  • Create a second account for personal aims. Internet dating is a roulette game. Sometimes you just want to start all over again, and you have that opportunity.

  • Avoid SMS spam. Many services use your personal information to send promotional information. A disposable number can help avoid this.

  • Create multiple accounts to promote products. Invitations and links from the account of a potential partner are more trustworthy than advertising.

How to sign up for Tinder without a phone number

Virtual numbers do not require entering passport data and binding your device. The process of buying a number and registering is really simple:

1. Turn on a VPN or use a Proxy server. This is not obligatory, but we recommend to do that;

2. Top up your balance in your personal SMS-Activate account;

3. Choose the desired service and country which number you want to use register an account; 

4. Click the cart icon;

5. A virtual number will appear on the "Activation" page. Enter it in the Tinder registration page;

6. Confirmation code will appear right to the number. If the code is not delivered, your money will automatically return to your balance. In such a situation, try to purchase a number again and pass verification with a new number.

Tinder also requires email confirmation. You can read how to sign up for a Google account anonymously in this article.

Услуга для регистрации в сервисах, где для подтверждения нужно ввести последние цифры входящего номера.

Номер выдается на 5 минут. В течение этого времени вам необходимо ввести его в сервисе, где вам необходима верификация. Далее на странице "Активации" SMS-Activate отобразится код. Если возникли проблемы с активацией, успейте отменить покупку номера до истечения 5 минут.

При покупке услуги вы также можете неограниченно принимать СМС на купленный номер в течение 20 минут. Услуга верификации предоставляется по единой выгодной стоимости для всех сервисов.
*Only 1 number can be received. If you receive an incoming call and confirmation numbers, no refund is possible.

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