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Verification by call

What is call verification?

Verification by call is the use of a virtual number to confirm identity in various services. Many services choose this method instead of sending a confirmation code via SMS.

How to purchase a number with a call verification service?

You need to select the service and country, then you will see the toggle switch "Verification by call" with a slider that you need to switch. Next, the purchased number will receive a call to our service and we will show you the last digits of the incoming number. To complete, you will have to enter these figures on the verification page and you are ready.

It is worth considering that the number for verification on the call is issued for 5 minutes. If during this time we are unable to accept the call and verify your identity, the activation will still be considered completed. To avoid this, have time to cancel the purchase of the number before the expiration of the allotted time.

Where is this service relevant?
  1. 1Social networks, forums, instant messengers (WhatsApp and others)
  2. 2Marketplaces (Yandex + redirection)
  3. 3Payment systems (Alipay, etc.)
  4. 4Retail chains and other services with loyalty program (Magnit, X5ID)
  5. 5Bulletin boards (Avito, Yula)

Also, verification by call may be required when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network and in other cases.

Verification may be required in other areas as well. Whatever you do, we have a solution.

Who will benefit from this service?

The verification service may be useful to you if you are engaged in:



Traffic arbitrage;



Sales on bulletin boards;

And other specialists.

Now you can use our service where previously you could not do it!