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Become a member
Make activations and replenish the balance from a thousand rubles weekly and getcashback up to 20% and additional bonuses.
Everyone can become a participant!

To do this, you need to top up your balance for a total amount of 1000 rubles per calendar week!

Benefits for program participants.
Discounted numbers
up to 40%

How to get cashback up to 20%?

Everything is very simple. Reach the highest rank and level up!

Additional bonuses:

How to increase your cashback quickly?

  1. Top up your balance with a large amount to get a higher rank at the initial level!
  2. Stably top up your balance for the same amount as a week earlier in order to level up and maintain your rank!

What is Rank?

  • Rank - This is the sum of all top-ups in a calendar week. The higher the rank, the more cashback and additional bonuses there are.
  • If during the calendar week you replenished the balance by an amount lower than your rank, then your rank will decrease to the corresponding replenishment amount, and the level will correspond to the maximum level of the acquired rank.
  • If you replenish the balance with an amount of a higher rank, you will move one rank higher, and the level will remain the same.

Mobile rank

  • Mobile rank - allows you to purchase numbers at "Wholesale" prices exclusively in the SMS-Activate mobile application.
  • You can familiarize yourself with the conditions for acquiring a mobile rank in our application .

What are levels?

  • Level - this is the number of weeks during which the balance replenishment for a stable amount did not stop.
  • During the calendar week all your receipts to the balance will be summed up.
  • Level assigned every Monday based on the results of replenishment during the previous week.
  • Based on the results of the replenishment, you can either advance to a higher level, or stay on the previously assigned.
  • The accumulated level returns to the initial one in two cases:
    • If the total replenishment of the balance during a calendar week is less than 1000 rubles.
    • If you withdraw money from the balance or transfer to another account.

How and when will cashback be credited?

  • By the sum of all receipts to the balance during a calendar week.
  • On Monday (at the beginning of the next week), based on the amount received, you will be assigned a Rank and Level , as well as a frozen cashback .
  • To unfreeze it, you need to spend on activations or rent the entire amount for which you received cashback.
  • If you withdraw money from the balance or transfer to another account, then all frozen cashback will be burned.

how to spend cashback?

You can spend all unfrozen cashback on activations and rent , following the conditions:

  • The cost of the entire rental for cashback will be increased by 1.5 times.
  • The cost of services for cashback included in the TOP-5 in terms of popularity of a certain country has been doubled.
  • You can find out which countries and services have a double price for cashback in Table (updated once a week)

  • Cashback cannot be withdrawn from the site , it can only be spent on activation or rent.
  • Frozen and unfrozen cashback completely burns out in 2 months from the date of its accrual.
how to get the most out of the loyalty program?

So, let's take a look at how the loyalty program works.

For example, today is Monday , August 2, and the most common Oleg decided to earn a lot or save a lot on activating service accounts using our virtual numbers.

The first thing Oleg should start with.
Decide how much he will be able to replenish the balance weekly, otherwise he will not be able to move through the levels. Remember: the higher the level, the higher the cashback percentage. So, Oleg can replenish the balance for 15,000 rubles weekly , he makes the first payment, starts from Rank 5 of the Entry Level and receives 3% of the frozen cashback.

What's next?
Today is Monday , August 9, and Oleg needs to confirm his rank , he replenishes his balance by 15.000 rubles again. And our service on the next Monday , August 16, assigns Oleg 1 level, which means 4% cashback.

Oleg realized that such a loyalty system is very beneficial if you increase your rank. Suppose that our Oleg still has the same 5th Rank, but the 5th level and 9% do not suit him already, because he will no longer be there.

Oleg knows his capabilities and began to replenish the balance weekly by 30,000 , in which case the service assigns him the 6th rank and 5th level , so he increased his percentage.

It remains to unfreeze and you can spend!

As we remember, the cashback that Oleg receives is frozen.
What to do?
Oleg replenishes his balance every week by 30,000 rubles, he has 6 rank and 5 level, which means his cashback = 9.5% = 2850 rubles.

To unfreeze it, Oleg must spend the amount of cashback accrued on the lease and activation within 2 months, i.e. 30,000 rubles.

What Oleg should not do in order to maintain the result.

  1. Stop replenishing the balance.
    Because then his rank will become 1 again, and the accumulated levels will burn out. Have to start over
  2. Top up the balance for an amount less than your rank Because then its rank will decrease, and, accordingly, the% of cashback
  3. Withdraw money from the balance or transfer to another account Because then all his frozen cashback will burn, and the level will become the initial

Output: Start at any rank if you are sure you can pay the same amount weekly.. Do not replenish less so as not to lose rank. Ranks are assigned for the previous week every Monday. Be like Oleg, only better.

Success calculator

Calculate what rank,% cashback you can get and how soon

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