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UNIMESSENGER: AUTO REGISTRATION AND WORK WITH WHATSAPP THROUGH EMULATORS A program for work with WhatsApp through emulators that every webmaster engaged in mass mailing is aware of. It has been working since 2018 and remains relevant now. The program is updated. Interface and functionality have been updated many times. It allows you to work with a large number of accounts and automate your actions in WhatsApp. Autoregistration allows you to automatically register WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business accounts. Current updates: Added captcha handling during Auto-Registration, Ability to make devices unique device in any emulator, Ability to put a proxy on each emulator separately through Proxifier, Ability to set the maximum price for any country for Sms-Activate.

Functionality and features

  • Account Manager. You can save as many WhatsApp accounts as you want from the emulator, and then use them at any time for any task. There are convenient filters to search and sort accounts
  • Auto-registration of WhatsApp accounts with convenient settings, automatic passing of captcha, photo installation, ...
  • It supports WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. Warming up accounts, texting between your own accounts, calling, appearing online, joining groups, and more
  • Autoresponder, as well as the ability to customize responses depending on the number of messages in a dialogue
  • Whatsapp number checker
  • Sending private messages to any numbers that are in WhatsApp
  • Sending messages to groups
  • Multi-threading. Run multiple emulators and work with them simultaneously. Supported for any task (auto-registration, mailing, ...)
  • Task planner, the ability to run tasks at a specific time according to the schedule
  • Instantly making any device unique on any emulator (no reboot) via Xposed and companion apps
  • Automatic proxy setting for each emulator through secondary programs Proxifier, Proxy Droid, Proxy Drony, and others
  • Knowledge base and video tutorials on the program
  • Explanation of each setting and each parameter inside the program by the button with "?" Statistics on tasks, info on how many messages were sent from each account, how many accounts are registered, which way they are registered, how many are checked, ...
  • A function to set limits for accounts
  • Ability to automatically load a template into the Proxifier with a rule for PID process, so you can set its own proxy for each emulator and change them automatically
  • Binding proxy and device data to accounts, and the ability to continue to use the account only with this proxy and with the bound device
  • Ability to upload numbers with names (or any other parameters) and use them through substitution in the message
  • Ability to save all dialogues with answers to a file (.csv table)
  • Export / Import accounts, ability to transfer accounts to the program on different PCs saving all data (proxy, device, etc.)
  • The functionality of checking accounts within the program for a ban
  • New features are added and user wishes are taken into account

User-friendly interface

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An option for registration in services where you need to enter the last digits of the incoming number for confirmation.

The number is provided for 5 minutes. You need to enter it in the service where you need to pass verification within this time. Then a code will be displayed on the page "Activation" at SMS-Activate. If you have problems with activation, cancel the purchase of the number before 5 minutes pass.

If you purchase the service, you can also receive unlimited SMS to the purchased number within 20 minutes. Verification service is provided at the same favorable price for all services.
*Only 1 number can be received. If you receive an incoming call and confirmation numbers, no refund is possible.

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