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Affiliate program


Get paid for users attracted by you!

For each active user you will receive up to 20% of his expenses!

Everyone registered with your link will receive 10% cashback on the first recharge up to 3000 rubles.

Detailed affiliate program terms

  • 3% of the service cost are starting default for TOP 10 services in TOP 10 countries.
  • 4% will be credited if through your software it is more than 30k activations per month.
  • 5% for those who do not just add our service to their software, BUT indicate us as partners, highlights our service among others with color or recommends to its users

Special conditions

Hello! Do you have a youtube channel? Telegram channel or any other major traffic source? Get money from the buyers you referred in , bot or app. For each active user you will receive up to 15% of his spending, up to 3000 rubles! It all depends on your source of collection.


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