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If you buy more, you spend less.

This principle always pleases customers, so now on SMS-Activate you can purchase virtual numbers for activation and rental at retail or wholesale prices.

One-time activations will cost more, but the difference will not affect the budget of customers who need to register just one account or receive one SMS. But prices for wholesalers will remain at the same level.

To make purchases in large quantities and save money at the same time, you need to be a member of the loyalty program. In other words, in order to purchase virtual numbers in bulk at more favorable prices, you need to get any rank in our system.

It is very simple to do this:

1) top up your balance in the amount of 300 rubles or more using Google Pay, and you will be assigned a mobile rank;

2) top up your balance through our website. In this case, the amount should start from 1000 rubles;

3) make purchases totaling more than 1,000 rubles a week, and then the prices for you will immediately become wholesale.

And the word "immediately" appeared here for a reason: you will become the owner of the rank immediately after replenishment. You will no longer have to wait until next Monday, as it was before. But cashback will still be credited every first day of the week.

Choose the most convenient option for yourself and start taking advantage of your rank by purchasing rooms at wholesale prices. When purchasing a large volume, the difference will become obvious, so do not miss the opportunity to reduce your costs.

By the way, with an increase in rank, other privileges will become available to you in the form of additional discounts and not only.

The SMS-Activate team wishes you successful registrations!

De: 2021-10-28 18:18:45

Un servicio de registro en servicios en los que es necesario introducir los últimos dígitos del número entrante para su confirmación.

El número se emite durante 5 minutos. Durante este tiempo deberá introducirlo en el servicio en el que necesite verificación. A continuación, el código se mostrará en la página "Activación" SMS-Activar. Si tienes problemas con la activación, cancela la compra del número antes de que pasen los 5 minutos.

Si contrata el servicio, también podrá recibir SMS ilimitados al número adquirido durante 20 minutos. El servicio de verificación se presta a un precio único favorable para todos los servicios.

*Solo se puede recibir 1 número. Si recibe una llamada entrante y números de confirmación, no es posible ningún reembolso.

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