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Preguntas más Frecuentes

Money not credited

If the funds did not credited on the balance of your personal account, you need to write to us, indicating:

1) payment system;
2) the amount of payment;
3) date of payment;
4) payment time;
5) details of the sender (from which wallet the payment was made);

6) provide a screenshot or photo of a payment receipt with the above details.
To upload a translation, you can use the following file hosting service: dropmefiles

If you have a question about several payments, then write down each payment separately for the above points.

Also, we ask you to replenish the balance of your personal account only through our website. Periodically, our qiwi wallet changes and if you send it to an outdated one, the money will not be credited to you. The same rule applies to other payment systems.

Earnings / monetization of SIM cards

Our partners offer monetization options for SIM cards. Address them, we are sure you will find options of mutually beneficial cooperation.

How to find your API key?

You can find your API key in two places:
1) In the top header of the countries menu, below it is a table of services, in the "Settings" tab By clicking on it, the API key will be displayed on top.
2) Click on your email address in the upper right and select "Settings" . This will open the options for customizing where the API key will be displayed.

Need help with API?

Instructions for working with the API protocol can be found in the "Info" section on the main panel of the site in the API sub-tab

If you require detailed instructions or help with the API, write to us in technical support, describing the situation in detail.

The account is banned

Many of our users use software that allows them to buy a huge number of rooms in a short period of time. The software may not work correctly and then this set of numbers will not be registered and will not be available to other users

To avoid such “downtime” numbers, the following rule applies on our website:
you must have at least 6% of successful activations for the service, the calculation comes from 100 purchased numbers. Otherwise, the system will block you automatically for 30 minutes for each subsequent failed activation

Statistics is reset to zero the next day at 00:00 Moscow time

Cash withdrawal

To withdraw funds from the balance of your personal account, write to tech support, indicating the exact amount of withdrawal.

The minimum withdrawal amount for all payment systems is 10 rubles .

Also, in order to improve our service, indicate the reason for the withdrawal

The withdrawal procedure after registration of the application may take up to 7 days. (Si deposita a través de Alipay, tardará 30 días en procesar su retirada.)

Does code come from Qiwi and Webmoney?

Registration of these electronic wallets is prohibited on our service!

We value our reputation and do not want to mess with "black" money, which often passes through electronic wallets. Therefore, according to the rules of our site, clause 7.1. Registration of electronic wallets Qiwi and Webmoney is prohibited on our website.

Choosing "Any other", you just wasting your time, registration codes will not be issued to you.


For cooperation on all advertising issues, contact [email protected]

If you have not used your personal account for a long time

Due to the long time not using your personal account, it can be frozen (purchase of services is then impossible).

You must change the password to a new one that you have not previously used through the password recovery form.

After clicking on the link in the letter that was sent to the email address of your personal account.

Change password and continue to use the services of our resource.

If you encounter any difficulties, then describe them in detail in the appeal to technical support.

Partner Software

We support software developers! There are already more than 200 programs in our database https://sms-activate.org/partners

If you are a developer and want to discuss the terms and conditions, please contact telegram @Partner_SmsActivate

Can't register on the site?

For full registration on the site you need to confirm your email address.

Follow the link in the letter that was sent to your email inbox, and don’t forget to check the Spam folder if necessary.

If the letter was not received, be sure to notify technical support about it and they will help you.

Activación de una cuenta ya registrada.

Desafortunadamente, esto sucede debido a la reimpresión del número de Teléfono por parte del operador de telefonía celular en el que ya se ha registrado. De tales riesgos, ningún Servicio de activación de Internet está Asegurado, ya que es imposible verificar de antemano, antes de recibir el código para el registro, por razones técnicas. Y la actualización de la base de datos depende únicamente del Servicio seleccionado. Nuestro recurso se especializa en emitir un código SMS al número alquilado para que pueda registrar una cuenta, al mismo tiempo, no garantizamos la Recepción de bonos o descuentos de los servicios en los que se realiza el registro. Por desgracia, pero este no es un caso de retorno.

Un servicio de registro en servicios en los que es necesario introducir los últimos dígitos del número entrante para su confirmación.

El número se emite durante 5 minutos. Durante este tiempo deberá introducirlo en el servicio en el que necesite verificación. A continuación, el código se mostrará en la página "Activación" SMS-Activar. Si tienes problemas con la activación, cancela la compra del número antes de que pasen los 5 minutos.

Si contrata el servicio, también podrá recibir SMS ilimitados al número adquirido durante 20 minutos. El servicio de verificación se presta a un precio único favorable para todos los servicios.

*Solo se puede recibir 1 número. Si recibe una llamada entrante y números de confirmación, no es posible ningún reembolso.

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